Papamoa Membership

Come along and become a member of this club.

Subscription Fees

  • Full Membership $180
  • 1st year player discount 50% of full fee
  • Associate Membership$80
  • Limited Membership$120
  • Winter Membership$50

Entry Fees

  • All Open Tournaments$10
  • Club Trophy Events$5
  • Club Championships$5
  • Roll-up for Members$4

Membership Options

Full Playing Member

A player who has completed 1+ year of bowls and is entitled to all playing and other privileges. Fee set at AGM.

1st Year Player

A player who has just taken up the game with no previous experience and enjoys all the playing and other privileges. Fee, the player enjoys a 50% discount of a Full Member for their first bowls season

Associate Membership

Any full member of any other club affiliated to Bowls NZ shall be eligible for election as an Associate Member of this Club.

Association Members shall be permitted to play in the following Club events: Opening Day, Closing Day, Club Roll-ups, Mixed Draws, Self Starts.

Associate Members shall not be permitted to play in Club Championships , Trophy Events or represent the Club in outside competition.

Honorary Members

If any Full Member is unable, through illness or other sufficient cause to play bowls & such member has taken an active part in the affairs of the Club, the Executive may classify such Member has taken an active part in the affairs of the Club, the Executive may classify such Member as an Honorary Member for such period as it shall think fit.

Limited Members

A Full Member unable to enjoy full membership may apply to the Committee for a Limited Member classification. Limited Members are only permitted to play Roll-ups or other events by invitation by the match committee.

Winter Members

Any person paying a ‘winter’ only membership fee is eligible to take part in all club activities during the winter season.

Casual Members

Any person who participates in any bowling event or competition held by or at the club who is not a Playing or Non-Playing Member. This includes house bowls.

Student Member

Any person who is attending a Primary or Secondary School. This member has the same rights of play as a Full member.

Coaching Players

Any person who has availed themselves in club coaching will be required to consider membership after 4 sessions with the coach.


Please download the Membership form below.


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