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We take health and safety very seriously at this club and trust both members and visitors enjoy an injury free experience every time they visit the club, whether to play bowls or to enjoy our amenities and entertainments.

Our premises and greens infrastructure are inspected regularly to ensure they are compliant to safety regulations and standards. We do rely on our members and visitors to bring to our attention any areas of risk to health and safety. Please be aware of and point out any new abnormal hazards to club officials, especially edges of the green, marker pegs, ditches, entrances, etc.

  1. If it rains or is already raining be aware of slip hazards on stained and painted surfaces.
  2. In the unlikely event of an emergency the assembly point is between the greenkeepers’ hut and the flag poles. Please leave the clubhouse immediately.
  3. We recommend the use of good quality sunscreen SPF50 and good headwear. During games it is important to remain hydrated and members should bring their own drink bottles and not rely on the club to provide water.
  4. The first aid kit is located alongside the defibrillator, which is located in the green implement shed at the gate.
  5. Incidents involving health and safety must be recorded in the provided accident register, located in the match committee office.
  6. We have smoking areas at both BBQ tables at the far end of the green by rink 8. Please refrain from smoking while in the clubhouse or around the green.
  7. If members have any particular health issues, we encourage members to alert club officials on the day.
  8. Everyone who is about to drive or play a bowl with more speed than draw weight MUST advise their team that they will be playing ‘with weight’ before playing the bowl so they may take appropriate action and be aware.
  9. Our volunteers’ safety is most important to us. Please do not undertake tasks without the right equipment and avoid lifting heavy items and dangerous activity.

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