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Executive Committee

Patron: Steve Morris
President: Gary Bodger
Vice President: Bob Dunning
Secretary: Sheren Keen
Treasurer: Glen Hall
Phil Beilby
Don Davis
Carol Strutt
Lynne Bodger
John Keen

Grading Committee & Selectors

Men: Bill Brown, Gary Bodger, Barry Fielder
Women: Bill Brown, Carol Strutt, Lynne Bodger
Green keeper: Ian Savage

Committee of Management

Raffle Convenor: Jim Broxton
Sponsorship: Gary Bodger, Carol Lee, Ron Crimlis, Sally Cox
Publicity: Gary Bodger
Newsletter: Carol Strutt
Tournament: Bob Dunning
Secretaries: Bob Dunning 542 0098, Lynne Bodger 027 4787813
Match Convenor: Lynne Bodger
Match Committee: Mike Strutt, Bob Dunning, Lindsay Campbell, Carol Strutt, Gary Bodger, Sheren Keen, Ken Crean, Dave Wallis, Barry Fielder, Brad Cox

Coach: Bill Brown
Western Bay Division: Bob Dunning, Lynne Bodger
Bowls BOP: Bob Dunning, Gary Bodger
Membership: Ken Crean
Welfare Angel: Marie Crean
Health & Safety: Phil Beilby
Maintenance: John Keen
Kitchen Convenor: Sue Werren

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